No Entry: The Muslim Ban and A US History of Exclusionary Immigration

Report Available Here – NoEntry_TheMuslimBanAndExclusionaryImmigration


The Muslim and Refugee Ban is not an aberration. It is the logical next step in a long-standing history of discriminatory immigration policies in the US that have targeted specific groups for exclusion. The express purpose of such policies was to concentrate wealth and power among elites at the very top, through cultivating an entrenched system of white supremacy, buttressed by capitalism and sexism, and shaped by ableism. As we await an opinion from the Supreme Court on the constitutionality of President Trump’s Muslim and Refugee Ban, and as the administration ramps up its assaults on immigrant communities of all backgrounds, Justice For Muslims Collective curated this resource list to contextualize these policies in the broader history of exclusionary immigration policies in the USA.

This resource list is a curated list of accessible content that teaches about the history of exclusionary immigration policies. These sources were chosen carefully because they don’t speak to a single-issue area or single case within immigration law (there are literally thousands), but instead use illustrative examples (like United States v. Bhagat Singh Thind or the case of John Punch in the 17th century settler colony of Virginia) to describe the larger interconnected structures at play which form the foundational frameworks for USA immigration policies. These resources prioritize lesser known/understood histories of disability, gender, sexuality and the linkages between criminalization, immigration enforcement, and national security laws in furthering exclusionary immigration laws. They also highlight the ways in which exclusionary immigration law based on national origin, race, white supremacy and anti-Blackness has been operationalized through ableism, real or perceived disability, and constructed notions of “deviancy.”

With the pending Supreme Court decision on the Muslim and Refugee Ban, Justice For Muslims Collective envisions this resource list as an introductory guide for unpacking USA immigration policies and better identifying interlocking structures of laws, court cases and executive orders. This resource squarely situates the Muslim and Refugee Ban.