Resources for Activists


2. Toolkits

I. Justice For Muslims Collective in partnership with Witness Against Torture has developed a social media toolkit on #BlockHaspel. The toolkit includes suggested talking points, tweets and facebook posts, and resources on understanding torture. It also includes key documents that shed light on the CIA’s role in globalizing a detention system against Muslims, and ways you can get involved to fight against the criminalization of Muslims under this apparatus.  Access the full toolkit here 

II. #DCResistanceIftar Social Media Toolkit

This toolkit was designed by Justice for Muslims Collective to uplift and highlight state violence against Muslims domestically and across the world during the course of our iftar action on June 12th.  Please free to use #DCResistanceIftar to contribute to the conversation on state violence against Muslim communities.

Access the full toolkit here

III. No Entry: The Muslim Ban And A US History of Exclusionary Immigration

The Muslim and Refugee Ban is not an aberration. It is the logical next step in a long-standing history of discriminatory immigration policies in the US that have targeted specific groups for exclusion. The express purpose of such policies was to concentrate wealth and power among elites at the very top, through cultivating an entrenched system of white supremacy, buttressed by capitalism and sexism, and shaped by ableism. As we await an opinion from the Supreme Court on the constitutionality of President Trump’s Muslim and Refugee Ban, and as the administration ramps up its assaults on immigrant communities of all backgrounds, Justice For Muslims Collective curated this resource list to contextualize these policies in the broader history of exclusionary immigration policies in the USA. Read and get the full link to the resource guide here.