#BlockHaspel: Social Media Toolkit and Syllabus

Justice For Muslims Collective in partnership with Witness Against Torture has developed a social media toolkit on #BlockHaspel. The toolkit includes suggested talking points, tweets and facebook posts, and resources on understanding torture. It also includes key documents that shed light on the CIA’s role in globalizing a detention system against Muslims, and ways you can get involved to fight against the criminalization of Muslims under this apparatus.

Access the full toolkit here – BlockHaspelToolkit

Sections from the Toolkit:

Background Information:

Background Information and Talking Points:

On Wednesday, May 9th there will be a nomination hearing for Trump’s pick for CIA director, Gina Haspel. During the lead up to the hearing, the CIA has provided little detail on Haspel’s career in the agency and her role in the torture apparatus post 9/11. We suggest highlighting the following points:

  • Haspel oversaw the first CIA black site in Thailand where both Abu Zubaydah and Al-Nashiri were waterboarded repeatedly.
  • It was this site in Thailand that laid the groundwork for other CIA black sites where at least 119 Muslim prisoners were detained and tortured. This is part and parcel of institutionalized Islamophobia and ways Muslims have been dehumanized. ***Please note we highly suggest highlighting and centering the victims of torture and their Muslim identities to minimize the erasure of Muslim victims of torture.
  • Systemic torture is not new to the current administration and unfortunately, torturers in the United States have rarely ever been held accountable. But with Haspel’s hearing, there is an opportunity to draw attention to the violent apparatus of torture since 9/11 and the role of the CIA in inflicting massive state violence across the globe.
  • During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump specifically stated his support for torture and waterboarding: “Would I approve waterboarding? You bet your ass I would. In a heartbeat. I would approve more than that. It works…and if it doesn’t work, they [the terrorists] deserve it anyway for what they do to us.”
  • We must continue to resist institutionalized Islamophobia in every form, including through the apparatus of torture post 9/11 that was developed exclusively to abuse Muslims.